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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

Hunting Small Game!

I wonderPosted by Uncle Henry Sun, March 04, 2012 14:37:44

He must had been very surprised when that damned blue and white, big as an elephant - kind of hare, didn’t fall even after four good shoots with that loved shotgun! He even tried three volley of rifle fire! ( Yes, I am prejudiced, I think its a man not a woman…)

Who is this person that makes holes in a big number of traffic signs in the northern parts of our landscape?

Maybe a old dim-sighted hunter…or a boozer…maybe both? But I’m really certain that I don’t want to drive along the roads when he goes on hunting.

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