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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

A day's work.

WolfPosted by Uncle Henry Sat, February 06, 2016 10:51:35

Early morning in the tracks of two wolves that made a short visit to the village, frightened a horse to panic, and created hot topic to discuss while visiting the villages only general store. I follow the tracks down to the lake, where the wolves have been hunting roe deer in the grove surrounding the changing cabin, at the local beach.

Then we returned to the mountains. Raven calls out, there is a moose killed by wolves somewhere in the dense forest around me, but I find it not. The tracks carry on and I follow, always looking for pee and poo. (DNA - samples that hopefully makes tracking valuable for our work)

Lunch on a stump with a view of the landscape, sunshine and a few degrees, it starts to feel like spring already. A black tit singing eagerly from the top of a fir tree, as a non-lubricated sewing machine ", sittju-sittju-sittju-sittju".

The light begins to return, working days become longer. At dusk, another wolf pair walking along a river, sometimes eerily close to the fragile ice edge. You need to be vigilant, but it is also part of the job, to assess the risks related to different types of terrain and circumstances.

I found both pee and poo during the tracking. It was a good day.

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Fri, February 05, 2016 11:17:22

If you are young and vulnerable, and surrounded by long scary strangers, then jump up on a rock and defend yourselves, stand close together, back to back. Mom and Dad are on its way, they are going to save you!

Hmm, stop dreaming, down with the nose and continue to track, it's a long way to go before it´s evening.

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Track Story.

WolfPosted by Uncle Henry Wed, January 27, 2016 16:54:21

The track tells; that alpha male and alpha female frequently urine marks together in the same place and both with lifting legs, and in this case that tracker preparing samples for the DNA analysis.

The track tells; that other, low ranking members of the family urinating in a squatting position. Anatomy Knowledge need not be particularly impressive to see if it´s a male or female that eased the pressure.

The track tells; that an old root cellar can give a little warmth and security for some scabies infested young wolves during the coldest period so far this winter.

The track tells; that even a wolf weighs lighter than that chubby tracker!

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Follow mom.

LynxPosted by Uncle Henry Sat, January 23, 2016 16:34:52

It's been another great winter week with about 20 degrees below zero and lots of interesting tracking. It began with wolves (scabies infected, tragically in the biting cold) but ended with tracking of the season's first lynx, a female with a cub. It was far nicer.

Over long distances, you could not see that there was more than one animal treading in the tracks, but then suddenly, when they jump down a slope, it turns out to be two.

In some places appear that the female marked her territory, in other that kid become restless and started to play around a bit, but almost immediately continue their targeted journey towards bushland rich in roe deer and hares.

Lynx weighs slightly compared to a tracker, still a little chubby after Christmas and New Year holidays. (A beaver insidious dam subjected me to several unplanned plunge, but it is claimed that the winter bathing is good for the character.)

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Winter season!

WolfPosted by Uncle Henry Sun, January 17, 2016 10:53:40

This Week wolf tracking has been done in about 20 degrees below zero and with snow to the knees. Now is the winter for real. It´s demanding but beautiful, the job is not so bad right now!

When the snow is deep and loose, moves the wolves in the same manner as the lynx. They usually go where it is least snow, through the bushes and under dense trees. That is when the tracker's main equipment is a proper hood!

If you do not have a hood, you have to tighten your belt, then the snow will at least do not extend below the lower back ... smiley

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Nordic light

TravelPosted by Uncle Henry Sun, January 10, 2016 16:20:07

We were hungry for a little beach holiday now in the dark winter time, so we went to Iceland, where it was even darker ... Hmm, but the bath was nice and warm. Blue Lagoon is world famous for its hot water directly from the hot springs out of the ground. It was blowing ice-needles, the water stung the skin and smelled a bit like rotten eggs, but it was certainly an experience to savor.

It is said that, what you lose in the blue lagoon, is lost forever. It is not always true. You can retrieve an iPhone, but it requires endless hard work, desperately swimming and advanced diving techniques to succeed. And yes, expensive waterproof shell is waterproof, even when they have been chewed on by lava sand.

We were in Iceland just under a week and would like to travel light, no suitcases and minimal hand luggage. No advanced photo and video equipment, just an iPhone and a tiny action camera. It stung!

With just under four hours of daylight it was hard to get any sensible picture with so faint equipment. The fact that it blew almost storm did not make things easier. But it was infinitely beautiful and well worth experiencing. The blue light just before dusk was the most amazing, magical light I've ever experienced! (The above picture was taken at dawn, 11:03 am, and provides only a small taste of the blue light)

Reykjavik is a great place; it has everything one could ask of a city. Wilderness completely doorstep, where Glaucous Gull, Iceland Gull and Purple Sandpipers huddle in the old harbor, there are outdoor shops in abundance, and not the least; An abundance of great cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants! (And they have very good beer!)

Perhaps it should also be mentioned that there are several universities, lots of museums, galleries and other cultural buildings. And that there are an unusual number of sculptures, you can reflect on.

Go there! It is worth it!

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Towards brighter times!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Tue, December 22, 2015 21:40:41

Winter Solstice, now it turns slowly towards brighter times. Beautiful, although I do not mind the dark time that prevails around the Christmas holidays. It is cozy. It provides a moment of rest before the long bright days that come forward in spring, when there is so infinitely much to experience and get done.

Usually this day spent on snow-covered ground, often with wolf tracking, but not this year. Here is rain, harsh winds and several degrees above zero! Santa Claus should put boots on the reindeer and count with the spring thaw this time.

As late as the middle of last week, it was 16 degrees below zero and frost throughout the province. No basis for comprehensive wolf tracking but beautiful to enjoy.
When it switches so rapidly between hot and cold weather, lingonberry leaves and blueberry bushes becomes small sculptures of frost and ice crystals in moist places.

The wife and I had a perfectly timed lunch break at work on Wednesday last week. We had just filled our cups with hot chocolate when an otter came scampering on the ice along a small forest river. It stopped suddenly to mark territory against a tuft of grass and then continued downstream to the open water. What a perfect restaurant for lunch! It is rare to get such an experience on the Mac Donald ...

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New neighbors!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, November 01, 2015 22:43:39

It seems like the moose, which usually raise it´s calves at our garden expense, have taken a bullet during the moose hunt this year. The local hunting team said it was a mistake and that even the calf was shot. I do not think it was a mistake. A fucking miracle it was, hallelujah!

Just when I thought to celebrate the victory, and the glorious dream of an orchard has taken root, I see that the forest begins to thin out around our farm. Especially outside the kitchen window, down to the river ... We've obviously got new neighbors. Geeky types with big teeth! Wondering how their relationship is to the fruit trees?

We have a rich nature around the cottage. Wolf has peed on our mail box, red fox stole our shoes, badger sought to undermine the house. Forest Pine Marten has plundered the bird table. A variety of rodents and cervids have convincingly shown that they love our garden. And now, soon perhaps even beaver...

Today came the first gray-headed woodpecker to the bird feeder. A male, who preferred the shelled sunflower seeds before the tallow that we bought especially for him. We probably have a costly winter to look forward to.

Please excuse if I sound grumpy, that's just a disguise. In reality, I love them all, but do not tell it to them. I fear that they will then take greater liberties than they already do.

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Happy bird opened again.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, October 24, 2015 16:48:18

Restaurant Happy bird has opened again! After several chilly nights of down to minus ten degrees, it is time to re-open the bird feeder. With the finest back sebum to woodpeckers (hoping for Grey-headed woodpecker as usual) A large feeder with ordinary sunflower seeds, one with shelled sunflower seeds (will be interesting to compare consumption) and a smaller feeder with vitamin-enriched special diet for those extra demanding. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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Hiking Trails cleared

Nature ConservationPosted by Uncle Henry Fri, June 26, 2015 10:56:22

Now, at last is 65 km of hiking trail through nature reserves adjusted for the summer season. It’s been a hard job. A rainy spring and strong winds has turned over more trees than usual.

Several hiking trails passing through bear land, always a little more exciting, even if you do not see the bear is always there, somewhere in the area.

A small snack for a hungry bear becomes a gigantic reconstruction project for an ant community...

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