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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

New neighbors!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, November 01, 2015 22:43:39

It seems like the moose, which usually raise it´s calves at our garden expense, have taken a bullet during the moose hunt this year. The local hunting team said it was a mistake and that even the calf was shot. I do not think it was a mistake. A fucking miracle it was, hallelujah!

Just when I thought to celebrate the victory, and the glorious dream of an orchard has taken root, I see that the forest begins to thin out around our farm. Especially outside the kitchen window, down to the river ... We've obviously got new neighbors. Geeky types with big teeth! Wondering how their relationship is to the fruit trees?

We have a rich nature around the cottage. Wolf has peed on our mail box, red fox stole our shoes, badger sought to undermine the house. Forest Pine Marten has plundered the bird table. A variety of rodents and cervids have convincingly shown that they love our garden. And now, soon perhaps even beaver...

Today came the first gray-headed woodpecker to the bird feeder. A male, who preferred the shelled sunflower seeds before the tallow that we bought especially for him. We probably have a costly winter to look forward to.

Please excuse if I sound grumpy, that's just a disguise. In reality, I love them all, but do not tell it to them. I fear that they will then take greater liberties than they already do.

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Happy bird opened again.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, October 24, 2015 16:48:18

Restaurant Happy bird has opened again! After several chilly nights of down to minus ten degrees, it is time to re-open the bird feeder. With the finest back sebum to woodpeckers (hoping for Grey-headed woodpecker as usual) A large feeder with ordinary sunflower seeds, one with shelled sunflower seeds (will be interesting to compare consumption) and a smaller feeder with vitamin-enriched special diet for those extra demanding. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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The Moose Is Loose

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, June 01, 2015 21:22:52

I met this fuzzy guy today. Many believe that the moose is king of the forest; I think this is overrated...

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Cold spring!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, May 24, 2015 19:26:28
The month of May has been cold. Often, clear nights with temperatures below zero at daybreak, rain or rain showers and very windy during the day. No good circumstances for either paragliding or spring planting in the garden. Only the work remains, and there is more of it than I have time for. (Therefore, no blog post last month) Good weather is important for the well-being and mood; it is noticeable as soon as the sun comes out.

To cheer me up and you too, if you feel the same way, a good movie can do wonders. Here is a trailer for an upcoming action movie that seems promising ;-)

And we must not forget the charity...

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Tue, April 07, 2015 17:20:55

I have just read Winterdance by Gary Paulsen and am still a bit overwhelmed. He is a very entertaining writer and it feels immediately as if we were soul mates. He does not like moose, and I understand him. American moose seem to be seven times worse than our Swedish.

The story about his apprenticeship period with the new dogs, the dogs from hell, was incredibly funny and reminded me of my time as a horse coachman in forest work. The timber was heavy and the horse did not have the same understanding of how the work would be carried out, as I had. It hurt both body and soul. Learning time is often quite painful.

Iditarod race is probably not for me, seems to be terribly demanding, but it was an amazing trip to read about. Read it!

During the time that I read often returned the memory of an old workmate, Grizzly, a stunning mix between Greenland dog and an unusually large German shepherd. He became an outstanding friend and companion during ten working seasons in the wilderness. 55 kg muscles in a sweet little doggy.

He tracked better than me, especially on bare ground. He worked very methodically, from footprint to footprint. He was a nature lover with a very big heart and even tried to spend time with an adult male lynx. (Holy shit what angry it became!) It went better with wolves, them he was dancing with a few times. He was pretty hungry and got a very special look when he saw squirrels or reindeer, the same big wet eyes that I get when mashed turnips with pork served on a plate ...

The only animal he did not like was the bear, it scared the crap out of him. Therefore I always knew if there were bears around when I prepared our night camp. It's safe and cozy with a four-legged companion at the campfire, except when they are staring stiffly out into the darkness and growls ...

It happened that he almost scared the life out of a hunter or fisherman who we met during our wanderings; he was sometimes quite similar to a wolf. About the same size and color coverage, at least for those who were not used to seeing wolves.

We had a deal; he did not need to have a leash if my commands were obeyed. From the first week we had developed a common language that was based on thin whistles, small gestures and appealing looks. At least it was my communication with him, he answered mostly with a low voice Woof.

On one occasion when twilight prevailed, I suddenly saw him at his own journey of discovery at the edge of a bog next to our camp. I got pissed; he broke our agreement so I took the leash in my hand and walked with firm steps to connect him. When I reached halfway, I suddenly hear rustling sound behind my back. It's the dog who had just woken up and rushes up from his bed hidden under a spruce. What I was about to hook up was a wolf ...

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Wed, January 28, 2015 17:51:44

I was down to the office yesterday, to the employer, 150 km south - to civilization! Tried to behave naturally to blend into the urban environment, but already when I parked the car, I met suspicious glances.

I wonder how they knew that I was not one of them, that I came from the north ...

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Christmas is over.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, December 29, 2014 14:12:44

Our corn sheaf this year was extra packed, so as oat sheaves looked in the past. Some birds visiting it have not received this Christmas either, sparrows do not come here until closer to spring, but it is an ornament and related to Christmas.

This morning it took an end to both Christmas and the sheaf, and that's okay. Roe deer also need to have a good time during those harsh days.

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Darkest time.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Fri, December 26, 2014 10:06:16

The winter solstice is just passed and slowly, very slowly, the days grow slightly longer and the nights slightly shorter.

Now is the darkest time of the year and our farm rests for a time in the shade although the occasional ray of sunshine finds its way through the branches. This morning it was 26 degrees below zero, grimly with the first real cold before you become accustomed.

Late at Christmas Eve, when we were out to the wooden storehouse with Santa's porridge (an important tradition that we never miss!),offered nature an unusually clear starry sky which was also painted with Northern Lights. Amazing, it was a really evocative Christmas night.

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1 Advent

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, November 30, 2014 17:15:13

Our Advent lighting is limited to 16 lights in a row at our grain store. Think it looks nice, it gives some Christmas spirit.

Our new neighbors (fortunately just over one km away), have different taste for light decorations. There shines 60,000 lights. (Only got half of them on photo)

16 will be enough for us, we buy no more. You have to know when you're defeated!smiley

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Weather dependent!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, February 08, 2014 19:06:36

Heavy snow beds around and hides the older tracks but tomorrow are there new stories to read.

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