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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

Monday morning.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, October 01, 2018 12:15:10

Monday morning. A few degrees of minus, the winter knocks on the door.

The calendar shows October 1 and a new thoughtful saying. This week; Better a bird in your hand than a gull shit in your hair ... hmm, that was wise! ...

It has been almost two years since I last wrote something on the blog. I lost my desire, lacked inspiration and was frustrated by developments in the world. Both environmentally and politically. We all live on a truly wonderful amazing planet, yet we manage to do so much to destroy it. The madness is rude!

At a time when the fires burn again in Mordor, it's hard to be happy and to be positive, but deflating does not make any difference either! We must find power to fight and, in between, have as much fun as we can!

When I look at my newly purchased key ring, I'm feel happy. The experiences of amazing days in Grenoble, Lumbin and St Hillaire du Tuvet have recharged the batteries with new power. Coupe Icare is a festival for anyone who enjoys flying or flying things.

On Icarnaval won the “chat perché” in the paragliding solo class. If I understood correctly, Chat Perche is the French name for children's play, catch up. Clever!

Now autumn is here - with high clear air - Enjoy and take care - Good things happen everywhere…. Okay, I should stop now ... I understand ... Yepp… Ends here!

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Tue, November 29, 2016 16:17:34

My ambition to develop proficiency in English continues. I have previously read; How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, and loved it. When I strolled around in a bookstore in Windsor, and discovered that they had her latest book; How to Build a Girl, I could not resist buying it. And I do not regret it, it was hilarious.

Roughly told, but with insight, warmth and great love, both in terms of everyday, working-class, urban neighborhoods and teen years. It was a fantastic trip, although I must admit that the language was different than what I'm used to.

Cunt, twat, wank, hymen and knackers not belong to my everyday language ... And if I would put it in Swedish, I would fucking blush like a baboon's ass! So I do not. (But in English I might dare and then it enriches my language) You have to dare, or as Caitlin writes at one point in the book, and I have not yet managed to find the meaning of ... Go on! Stuff it up the cow!

Sometimes I do not understand everything I read. I do not have full control of the concepts, "Poxy bunch of suites" or "They've gassed The Hive". Although I might have a clue. However, it is extremely interesting for a Swedish ornithologist to hear about the gloom that probably comes from Hebridiean ancestors with puffin - strangling DNA!

Maybe not a Christmas present tips for your gift for grandma or grandpa, or eh heck, why not! If nothing else, read it for yourself.

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And then winter…

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, November 05, 2016 12:39:44

Time flies. We had a wonderful time in Italy, in mid-October, and I was about to write a blog post about it, when suddenly it was the first of November and the snow pouring down! Life goes so fast sometimes.

Tracking season got a flying start, suddenly needed miles and miles of gravel roads to be searched over in pursuit of traces of wolves and lynxes. Being first on the road, with a new yet untouched snow, is a great satisfaction that I think I share with all my colleagues. It's exciting. The day is still a blank slate.

After a good tracking day, with a lot of tracks and samples collected for DNA analysis, ended the day at Bastutjärn. The freeze begins on the little lake and the track of the wolf pack disappears towards the Norwegian border.

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, September 11, 2016 20:28:37

It was midsummer. We ate our herring with new potatoes, chives, sour cream and everything else related to the weekend. We enjoyed cold beer and schnapps. Then swoosh, the autumn was here! What the heck happened?

I remember that long beard lichen was inventoried, and we actually found a new location, which is quite unusual. That was nice.

And I know that the haymaking was good, we had perfect weather throughout the mowing season. (I forgot to photograph this year, the picture is from 2015.) Do not worry if you forgot the knife to the snack bread, it goes equally well with a scythe.

It was a great summer for strawberries, flower meadows, butterflies - and gnats. I remember them very well! Gnats and other biting insects are really a plague during work in the forest during the summer, as terrible as butterflies are gorgeous. The biting should I forget but the memory of the butterflies is to be cherished and enjoyed on cold winter days. I had the most, nearly a hundred butterflies swarming along the spice garden, where I sat and tried to think wise thoughts.

We have had the first frost, the leaves have begun to change color but the heat persists. It's still summer warm during some days. Perhaps it will be a long and warm autumn, which in recent years. Beautiful, but it can easily become too much of a good thing, both nature and wildlife trackers have to get a real winter to feel good. But why be in a hurry! We enjoy autumn's high and clear air, the rich scents of everything that has matured, melancholy strophes from migratory birds and heat as long as it is offered. Have a nice autumn everybody, enjoy life.

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Hungry hawk!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Tue, February 09, 2016 21:12:03

Restaurant happy bird is a success, several kilos of shelled sunflower seeds has maintained a swarm of now quite rich and prosperous great tits. It also attracts other dinner guests, such as Mr. Sparrow hawk.

We make no difference to the guests; those who are hungry can provide themselves. Okay, the neighbor's cats excepted, they are often quite chilly treated, but sparrow hawk and pygmy owl are welcome at the bird table, which also has delicate voles to offer on the menu.

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Fri, February 05, 2016 11:17:22

If you are young and vulnerable, and surrounded by long scary strangers, then jump up on a rock and defend yourselves, stand close together, back to back. Mom and Dad are on its way, they are going to save you!

Hmm, stop dreaming, down with the nose and continue to track, it's a long way to go before it´s evening.

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Towards brighter times!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Tue, December 22, 2015 21:40:41

Winter Solstice, now it turns slowly towards brighter times. Beautiful, although I do not mind the dark time that prevails around the Christmas holidays. It is cozy. It provides a moment of rest before the long bright days that come forward in spring, when there is so infinitely much to experience and get done.

Usually this day spent on snow-covered ground, often with wolf tracking, but not this year. Here is rain, harsh winds and several degrees above zero! Santa Claus should put boots on the reindeer and count with the spring thaw this time.

As late as the middle of last week, it was 16 degrees below zero and frost throughout the province. No basis for comprehensive wolf tracking but beautiful to enjoy.
When it switches so rapidly between hot and cold weather, lingonberry leaves and blueberry bushes becomes small sculptures of frost and ice crystals in moist places.

The wife and I had a perfectly timed lunch break at work on Wednesday last week. We had just filled our cups with hot chocolate when an otter came scampering on the ice along a small forest river. It stopped suddenly to mark territory against a tuft of grass and then continued downstream to the open water. What a perfect restaurant for lunch! It is rare to get such an experience on the Mac Donald ...

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New neighbors!

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sun, November 01, 2015 22:43:39

It seems like the moose, which usually raise it´s calves at our garden expense, have taken a bullet during the moose hunt this year. The local hunting team said it was a mistake and that even the calf was shot. I do not think it was a mistake. A fucking miracle it was, hallelujah!

Just when I thought to celebrate the victory, and the glorious dream of an orchard has taken root, I see that the forest begins to thin out around our farm. Especially outside the kitchen window, down to the river ... We've obviously got new neighbors. Geeky types with big teeth! Wondering how their relationship is to the fruit trees?

We have a rich nature around the cottage. Wolf has peed on our mail box, red fox stole our shoes, badger sought to undermine the house. Forest Pine Marten has plundered the bird table. A variety of rodents and cervids have convincingly shown that they love our garden. And now, soon perhaps even beaver...

Today came the first gray-headed woodpecker to the bird feeder. A male, who preferred the shelled sunflower seeds before the tallow that we bought especially for him. We probably have a costly winter to look forward to.

Please excuse if I sound grumpy, that's just a disguise. In reality, I love them all, but do not tell it to them. I fear that they will then take greater liberties than they already do.

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Happy bird opened again.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, October 24, 2015 16:48:18

Restaurant Happy bird has opened again! After several chilly nights of down to minus ten degrees, it is time to re-open the bird feeder. With the finest back sebum to woodpeckers (hoping for Grey-headed woodpecker as usual) A large feeder with ordinary sunflower seeds, one with shelled sunflower seeds (will be interesting to compare consumption) and a smaller feeder with vitamin-enriched special diet for those extra demanding. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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The Moose Is Loose

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, June 01, 2015 21:22:52

I met this fuzzy guy today. Many believe that the moose is king of the forest; I think this is overrated...

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