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Wolves do not have manners!

WolfPosted by Uncle Henry Sun, February 24, 2013 17:24:25

Wolftracking 22 february 2013. Viggälven.

This winter's tracking have among others resulted in that we found a new territory right here that I live. It's called Kläggen and consists of a male originally from Acksjö territory, a female from Aamäkk territory and their common female puppy. An impressive result of DNA analysis conducted on the wolf droppings I submitted this winter.

Alpha male is a grumpy and rude type, and with one of the world's most impressive urinary bladders! I have never tracked any wolf who have pee so often, so much and with such frenzy! I tremble for snowmelt in spring when the entire district will be stinking of his urine selections. I did a tracking at the end of the week, about 18 km long. Along the route there were 36 urinary selections! Furthermore, the bastard sprays our mailbox almost every time the wolf pack passes.

I have also seen samples of rudeness by wolfs, that makes many people in rural areas to be wolf haters. Vandalism of recreational facilities! Although there is plenty of untouched snow everywhere to walk in, they choose right away a well-made ski trails. Hours of heavy skiing, satisfaction and enjoyment of a job well done will be completely destroyed when the wolf pack enters the arena. Purposefully they trampled km after km of ski trails until they are systematically destroyed. Wolves can be almost as conniving as moose, but only almost, moose are always the worst. Nature's hooligans, not liked by anyone…

Wolves are not just bad, they are nice too. Howls cosy at night and kill moose. It's good, it makes me happy!

Wolves that probably destroy ski trails…

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