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I have no heavy training... Barely Elementary School. Preferred the wilderness, it became my university, but I got muddy boots and experience instead of School knowledge so my English was therefore quite inadequate. This blog is a project to improve my skills in English language.

We all have our own universe, welcome to visit mine.

A wolf called Ylva

WolfPosted by Uncle Henry Mon, July 01, 2019 15:02:08

Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time with sleeping wolves. Both in the wild and in zoos. A great benefit I received both through work in various game projects and through own studies. It's an experience I treat everyone who likes wolves. It gives peace and tranquility to the soul and provides useful time for reflection. Genuine quality time!

In the nineties I worked with a transmitter-supplied female wolf that became almost world famous, at least in Sweden. Of the locals she got the name - Ylva. She is probably still the wolf that has the greatest place in my heart, a fantastic personality that gave me several unique experiences during the years we got together.

After several unsuccessful attempts to anaesthetize the wolf and replace her transmitter, which was extremely important because our project was dependent on it functioning, I examined the possibility of sneaking at her when she sleeps. Something that most people considered to be crazy and totally meaningless because wolves are so incredibly vigilant and shy animals.

The morning of 5 june 1991 I got my chance. The radio signal revealed that the wolf slept in the middle of a small marsh, she had been at rest for some hour and only lifted her head a few times to check that everything was calm in the surroundings. I approached very carefully, moving a toe at a time… at least figuratively speaking. Every meter I advanced got to take a lot of time. When after an hour I had the wolf lying just 17 meters away, it was enough. I had more than proven that it could be possible to access her in this way.

Sitting on a marsh a summer morning with a deeply sleeping wild wolf next door was a strange experience. Suggestive and present at the same time. The wolf had made herself a soft and comfortable sleeping pit deeply submerged in the bog, the only thing I saw of her was a little fur and the right ear.

I expected that she would at any time notice my presence and rush from the place, but the minutes went by and nothing happened. In the end I started to worry. She didn't move, had she died? I started talking a little low ... no reaction. I raised the voice ... no reaction. In the end, I coughed dry, like the wolf's warning sound, and a fraction of a second later, I looked straight into the eyes of a very new awake wolf. (she didn't even comb herself)

a fraction of a second later she rushed off and first stopped about a hundred meter away to look at me again and probably ask herself, what the hell happened…

Together with an extremely skilled shooter and colleague, we succeeded later that summer, on the third attempt, to sneaking us on the wolf as she slept, anaesthetize her and replace the transmitter.

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Bad blogger...

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, May 06, 2019 14:54:59

I'm a bad blogger. The ambition is to blog regularly, but the reality has turned out to be something completely different. Days pass, weeks pass, even months disappear before I have plotted something new on the blog. Unfortunately, that is the grim truth. I do not know if it helps to promise fine and improvement but here at least a summary of what has happened since last ...

The winter wolf tracking was not what I expected. Not so many wolves to track, mostly a tiring search along poor forest roads. There were thousands of km in car, terribly boring! I was hoping for puppies in Kockohonka territory but found none. Just before Christmas, I tracked the alpha pair that crossed the border and disappeared into Norway. The next contact with the alpha male was right after the Christmas holidays and then on a new site 30 km to the south, far from Kockohonka territory. There he went with a new female. What happened between 18 and 27 December, we will probably never know.

Even between the lynx tracks it was sparsely. Found no female with young, only a few solitary lynxes.

The royal eagle work in the spring, however, became a more positive experience. Very good weather and good success with the work means that with excitement, I look forward to several visits to eagle's nests at the end of the month. Just don't hope that the cold weather we have right now, with rain, north wind and wet snow, is causing problems.

At the end of February, we took a week off and visited Madeira. It can be recommended! Nice climate, very sympathetic people and an exciting nature. Walking along the island's “levadas” is a balm for the soul. Maybe I write a little more about the week's experiences in blog post in the future.

In April, it suddenly became early summer! 20-25 degrees and lukewarm south winds. Nature literally exploded with greenery, before winter was suddenly back in early May, with snow, hail and freezing temperatures. We at least enjoyed the weather as long as it lasted and got time with this year's first kayak trip on mirror-shiny water.

So, now I'm catching up. New ambitions, new goal…

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TravelPosted by Uncle Henry Mon, February 04, 2019 12:02:22

Although I prefer wilderness in front of urban sites, there are some capitals that go directly to my heart, Dublin is one of them. With its mild coastal climate, it is a nice destination even in the winter. We were there a January week, a few years ago.

The hotel was a little worn, the bathroom door couldn't close, the view not directly captivating and a ice-pail on the table next to our table, caught the water dripping from the ceiling in the breakfast room ... Charming! The hotel was simple but at the same time very affordable! There was nice reception and central location. We loved it!

It is impossible to miss where the dark stout Guinness comes from, it characterizes the whole city. Are ubiquitous. A heavenly kingdom for those who appreciate the drink as the undersigned does. If you visit Dublin, you must not miss the Guinness Storehouse. A fantastic museum that tells you everything you want to know about the iconic stout, at seven packed floors!

The city center is no bigger than you can easily discover it on foot, but there are of course several different companies with Hop on Hop of buses, if it is preferable. In addition to museums, whiskey distilleries and other cultural events, there are several fine parks. St. Stephens Green is one of them. A small oasis in the middle of the city with lush greenery, statues, ponds and a rich bird life. Fearless robins sing from bushes and fences.

Temple bar area
is another must. Charming district full of good pubs and restaurants. Many pubs have live music in the evenings, an atmosphere of Ireland at its best.

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Nature ConservationPosted by Uncle Henry Mon, January 28, 2019 16:05:22

Today, Värmland has got a new nature reserve, Päggonätto, so our landscape now has 200 nature reserves! It lies furthest north in the county next to the Norwegian border and is an extensive marsh area located on a height plateau about 600 msl. An exciting wilderness where you have the chance to experience both golden eagles, willow grouse and siberian jay. In winter, you will often find tracks of three of the big predators, wolves, lynx and wolverine.

Finnish names in the area as; Havda, Hojka, Pottmäk and Rajsk suggest that burn-beating had previously occurred in the area, perhaps once the marshland was used for mowing. In that case, they had miles of view during work, north of the Trysil mountain and other mountain masses.

On the eastern slope of Pottmäk, around the old Nygårdssätern (mountain pasture), older lush spruce forest grows with large elements of deciduous trees. This part of the area has an unusually rich flora. Parts of the old manor houses can be found inside the forest.

The border between Sweden and Norway is a clear delimitation of the reserve in the north.

It has been a long time since forest workers lived in remote huts in the forest. Nature recovers what man has previously created, moss beds softly in tired forest workers' beds. A ragged gable on a rotten dwelling, an eye up to the vault of the sky.

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TravelPosted by Uncle Henry Mon, January 21, 2019 22:02:35

Barentsburg (Баренцбург) is a Russian mining town, 55 km west of Longyearbyen in Svalbard. The company town was founded as a Dutch mining town in the 1920s but was sold in 1932 to the Soviet Union. Today, about 400 people live here, most of them with roots from Ukraine.

The village is a mixture of old mining houses, industrial premises associated with the coal mine, and much more modern buildings.

The local guide, who in English with clear Russian accent seems to enjoy scaring the shit out of American tourists, is an otherwise happy and jovial person who with great knowledge and empathy tells about life in the village. He is only forced to silence at times, when a fully loaded mine truck with a deafening roar is pounding by. The stories feel Russian, the atmosphere feels Russian. The house, which was solemnly marked with 1958, was built in 1952 ... but the carpenters did not find number two, so they took the figure that felt most like it, it had to become an eight instead. Wonderfully!

Red Bear Pub & Brewery is located on the main street in Barentsburg. For a long time, it was the world's northernmost brewery, but when Longyearbyen opened its brewery, they became, with very little margin, the world second-most northernmost ... The brewery manufactures its beer on pure glacier water and is, according to the guide, fantastic quality, a must try. If any of us were craving for stronger drinks, the pub also had it, but he strongly advised not to try their local special drink, called; "see you tomorrow"

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Live with the light, the seasons…

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Sat, January 12, 2019 17:11:23

We have a beautiful winter, enough cold and just enough with snow so far. Have long been able to trudge in snow when I track wolves, especially in dense forests, but now the snow depth is starting to become troublesome, so skis become a better choice.

It is a pleasure to work in harmony with the seasons, where light and weather control the work. Being almost daily in nature, in good weather or in bad, is a privilege. It really makes you feel present in the moment, in life.

Weather feels on the skin; the light feels in the soul. All the senses interact. Fragrance in winter is usually subtle, perhaps just as a clue about an approaching snowfall. The taste of hot broth, on the other hand, is highly evident, it gives pure joy to a cold and tired body. In the extension of the wolf tracks, ravens are heard from a distance, a life has ended as food for others.

The evenings lately have been seductively beautiful. Ending a successful working day is pure euphoria, if it happens to the sound of rustling skis and in the direction straight into the sunset.

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Friday night in Karlstad

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, December 03, 2018 21:40:42

Friday night at Bar Teatral in Karlstad, lots of good beer and live performances by Monte Nour and Jennie Abrahamson. Monte Nour was first out and a whole new acquaintance, feeling unsure of what I liked about his music, probably needs to listen more to grasp it.

Jennie, on the other hand, I'm absolutely sure! Great as usual! It's the first time I experience her alive and was not disappointed. She started with - To the water! A song about fanaticism of all sorts - and unfortunately very current in our time…

The first time I saw Jennie was on television. A lonely girl with some instruments and a very unbelievable vocal voice. She played her Snowstorm! On Friday I heard it again. Still loving it.

Jennie is sometimes compared with Kate Bush, something she herself, for many years did not really agree with. We received a long story before she performed - Running up that hill, as a tribute to Kate Bush. The song was taken from a tribute concert she performed together with Gothenburg Symphony.

In Sweden, Jennie is not particularly famous ... strange! But it seems to be a girl who wants to decide most of herself, not so commercial, independent. I like that! However, she has made 5 world tours with Peter Gabriel. Not so bad. Not bad at all!

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Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Wed, November 28, 2018 14:16:58

The cold is spreading rapidly across the country and the landscape is adorned with frost work. A wonderful time to work in the wilderness. No mosquitoes or other nuisances, only cold that bite you a little bit refreshing in your nose and ear.

The landscape is almost silent, only filled with weak subtle sound of falling frost stars, crunchy thin ice, a calling raven on long distance or the delightful small silver bells from a passing flock of waxwings from the north.

Time is changing from summer - so infinite much to catch up with - to calm and reflection. Take care of time, enjoy, for Christmas is soon here with all that it means of twinkling candles, Christmas songs and ho ho ho's.

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Monday morning.

Everyday lifePosted by Uncle Henry Mon, October 01, 2018 12:15:10

Monday morning. A few degrees of minus, the winter knocks on the door.

The calendar shows October 1 and a new thoughtful saying. This week; Better a bird in your hand than a gull shit in your hair ... hmm, that was wise! ...

It has been almost two years since I last wrote something on the blog. I lost my desire, lacked inspiration and was frustrated by developments in the world. Both environmentally and politically. We all live on a truly wonderful amazing planet, yet we manage to do so much to destroy it. The madness is rude!

At a time when the fires burn again in Mordor, it's hard to be happy and to be positive, but deflating does not make any difference either! We must find power to fight and, in between, have as much fun as we can!

When I look at my newly purchased key ring, I'm feel happy. The experiences of amazing days in Grenoble, Lumbin and St Hillaire du Tuvet have recharged the batteries with new power. Coupe Icare is a festival for anyone who enjoys flying or flying things.

On Icarnaval won the “chat perché” in the paragliding solo class. If I understood correctly, Chat Perche is the French name for children's play, catch up. Clever!

Now autumn is here - with high clear air - Enjoy and take care - Good things happen everywhere…. Okay, I should stop now ... I understand ... Yepp… Ends here!

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Coupe Icare

PG / PPGPosted by Uncle Henry Mon, September 10, 2018 11:59:24

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